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Employee Benefits

We have discovered that most of our competitors are competent at placing insurance products with their clients, but rarely understand how managing risks and costs can play a positive role in employee benefits. Our team has been very successful in working with our clients to discoverand implement the right benefits and service providers to meet your unique needs

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Administrative Solutions

Our clients have access to a fully automated benefit portal which allows their employees to enroll online for all of their employee benefits.  Our Oracle based platform was designed to streamline employee benefit administration for our clients. Whether it’s perpetual enrollment or open enrollment, the process has been simplified

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Human Resources

EbenConcepts has comprehensive HR services available to meet the needs of all our clients, regardless of their size. Whether the need is for a basic HR question or the origination of an employee handbook, our experienced team can help.  We offer a variety of services designed to supplement an existing HR function or create an HR function where one does not exist. 

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