Jed Metts


Jed Metts is a Benefits Partner with CMS Insurance & Financial (one of the initial North Carolina partners of Keystone Insurance Group). Jed and CMS have been a part of eBen (eBen) since 2010. 

Jed has focused his career on working with individuals and their families on finding insurance solutions that meet their medical coverage needs. As an independent agent, he has access to numerous carriers and products where his listening and understanding each person’s essential details in terms of doctors, prescription drugs and medical history allow him to personalize the ultimate recommendation. 

He has an extensive number of clients on both the individual (under 65) markets and is a recognized expert in Medicare Supplemental and Advantage plans. Jed and his wife Linda have called Elkin home since 1993 and have two children and five grandchildren. 


We have preferred access to a comprehensive suite of employer funded and voluntary insurance products for clients of all sizes.