Henry Enochs



Henry Enochs is a 2021 graduate from Appalachian State University’s top-ranked Brantley Risk and Insurance Center where he became excited by the role that a benefits professional can play in explaining the complex world of health insurance and benefits to employers as well as employees and their families. Born in Wilmington, Henry grew up in Greensboro NC and is very excited to be back home to begin his career.

Henry demonstrated his strong leadership skills before and during college as a counselor and climbing director in YMCA’s well-regarded Camp Cherrio, training and managing thirty climbing staff members to provide safe and fun activities for the youth for which they were responsible. “Being climbing director taught me many important skills, however the most important would be that it taught me how to remain calm and confident in stressful situations, because during those stressful situations forty-five feet up in the air, I had to be.”

Outside of work, Henry enjoys going back to App for football games, playing golf and tennis, and anything that has to do with music.

“I have always loved working with people and more importantly for people. I am very excited to start this new chapter at eBen.”

We’re excited to have Henry join eBen as a new Producer, and the fresh perspectives he will bring to our clients and our team.


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